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Your Marketing Partner – Helping Owners to Grow Their Business Since 2003

Serving small businesses from a variety of industries here in Jacksonville, I help fill the marketing gap. I keep things simple for you, offering in-house solutions to all of your marketing needs (and questions), from social media to marketing management and automation to the banner for your next trade show. I work for you!
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If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.
Red Adair
The other part of outsourcing is this: it simply says where the work can be done outside better than it can be done inside, we should do it.
Alphonso Jackson
Is Your Marketing Bringing in the New Business You Had Hoped For?
Tired of all those pesky sales calls every day trying to sell you something, ie. “We can get you on the first page of Google”?  And not knowing what’s working, or not? It’s just too darn confusing, and frustrating to decide which way to go. Most small business owners don’t have the time or expertise to focus on internet marketing alone. Maybe it’s time for some professional guidance?

We’ll Help You Build Out & Manage Your Internet Marketing Portfolio & Strategy

Providing a great ROI for our clients helping small business owners plan and manage their Internet marketing and advertising, to grow their business. We have straightforward programs to get started quickly that should meet most any budget.

Who We Help
The VSB – Very Small Business (VSB) is a term used to describe a business with fewer than ten employees and whose business needs are often neglected. Owners are not digital marketing experts and could use some outside help.

The Solution
Frequently the very small business owner is very busy and responsible for many areas of running a business (sales, marketing, finance, ordering), resulting in the need for outside services which are easy to use, quick to start, and affordable.

The Problem
VSB’s typically have little expertise in the use of technology, and their online marketing approaches are plagued with limited time and money. They get marketing calls every day and don’t know what’s important, and what’s not.

The Goal – Getting You
A better working website and online presence that will bring improved results, faster.
More customers, more sales, and more income.
Time back to focus on your running business.

Questions to Assess Your Marketing

Let’s Look at Your Website

Ready for Some Assistance?

At Impact Marketing in Jacksonville, we fill the gap for smaller businesses that want to grow and just can’t do it all by themselves … and those that are “big enough” to really need assistance, but can’t afford to hire someone full-time. Basically … an Outsourced Service with a local, personal touch. Our programs allow you to offload the management of the MANY tedious (and time consuming) activities supporting your business website and internet marketing programs.

Marketing AuditThe Offer – It’s Free. No Obligation
Spend 30 minutes with us to review your website (and other digital marketing efforts), and we’ll provide some ideas. YOU decide what you like, what you’re comfortable with for a monthly budget to get results, and most importantly if you want to work with us.

Some of our programs are simple and easily handled by our clients.We’ll help you get started. Some are more complex and will require our expertise.

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The Difference

  • Experience. 30+ years sales and marketing, 12 years Internet Marketing and website development.
  • Creativity and Passion. We love to think outside the box for new ideas.
  • Personal Attention. We’re on YOUR team. We work for YOU, and have your best interests in mind, always!
  • We have Partnerships with the best people and companies in the business.
  • We’re about ROI and Results. We don’t believe in long term contracts.
  • Consultative Process. Ongoing Education. A “one stop shop” for all of your digital marketing needs.

What Clients Are Saying

Glenn has been one of the best business partners I could have had for our new business!! He is not only very good at what he does, but he really cares about our success. He understands the hurdles of business, especially in the beginning, and has been so accommodating to our needs and our goals. He is an absolute crucial part of our success and consistently helps me stay focused and accomplish both our short term and long term goals. He has such an incredible grasp on business strategy, and would be a helpful addition to any business.
Katie Criscitiello, Owner Garages2Envy
Glenn exceeded our expectations in coordinating and implementing our website! He spent the time from the very beginning to insure everything was how we wanted it. We would highly recommend him for your design and marketing ideas!
Brian Chappell, Vortex Heating and Cooling

Top Rebuttals

That’s great. We work well with website developers. Yes, we have website packages … but only if your current site is not up to speed. Remember we work for you as your advisor for new ideas and overall marketing plan. So if we can use your current site and save money, we will. We also know that there is no way one person can be proficient in all areas of digital marketing, so in general with our expansive team and services, we complement your web developer and will take full advantage of his / her expertise. Many times we help redefine your messaging, and simple site restructuring to meet our new objectives.
Yes, there are several good website development platforms now where you can build your own site (,, In general they look pretty good. But business owners 4 out of 5 times get stuck on the content, and the proper way to structure their messaging and website navigation for optimal results. If you’ve started down this path, please call us, as we can still help refine the website and get it in proper working order. And don’t forget, once you build a website, what is your strategy for driving people to see it? This is where we can always help!
That’s great. Maybe it’s working, maybe not. We first start with an overall strategy to meet your goals and objectives, and from there we’ll help decide what programs to keep, and what needs to go. We’re happy to try most any marketing service, as long as we can measure the results and determine if it’s providing a solid ROI for you. The problem that we see many times is that 3rd parties try and lock you into long term contracts, and don’t put services under your name. If / when you decide to leave, the website or landing page they created for this campaign goes away!

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It All Starts with a Well Designed Responsive Website.
Find Out if Yours is Getting the Job Done.
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