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How Does Text Marketing Work?

Text message marketing is a simple yet effective way to market, inform or alert your clientele.
See it in action! Text IMSDEMO to 90407


Step 1) Sign-Up For Your Keyword
Select a keyword that will work best for you and your customers. For Example: Gino’s Pizza might choose a keyword “pizza” or “ginos”. This is a word that is relevant to your business name or product.

Step 2) Promote Your Keyword
Promote your short code (90407) and keyword on your existing marketing campaigns (radio, print, newspaper), store front (at the cash register, table, etc), website, social media, etc. For Example: Your advertisement on Facebook, website, business card, or newspaper might say: Text “PIZZA” to 90407 to receive a Free Drink and get special offers!

Step 3) Customers/Leads Opt-In
When a person opts in by sending the keyword to the short code they will receive an auto response which you can customize – great for instant savings/coupons/etc. This adds them to your marketing list which you can text anytime.

Step 4) Send Out Your Group Text Message
Send your mobile marketing message out to your list of clients for special events, coupons/sales, or new products. This could be a reminder or any type of message you like.

Step 5) Reap Your Rewards
Text messages have a more than thirty percent response rate making it the most effective way of marketing. Send out your marketing messages for daily, weekly or monthly events, specials, or reminders and watch your business grow.

How Do I Build My List of Contacts?


Great For All Types of Text Messages

If you want any help brainstorming ways to get your campaign started, we are just one call away.

Auto Responders
Coupons / Sales
Product Giveaways or Contests
Home Listing Information
Customer Appreciation
Daily Specials
New Products or Menu Items

Appointment Reminders
Deadline Reminders
Event Reminders
Holiday Promos
Rental Property Info
Lead Follow-up
Daily Devotionals

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